Medicine or Menace?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have tried everything in the book to cure my acne.  From birth control pills, other prescription pills, topical creams, to more extreme measures like chemical peels and (painful) laser treatments.  Visiting the health food store and conversing with a man who worked there made me realize I was missing the big picture.  I was temporarily and unsuccessfully treating the symptoms of my acne.  What I needed to do was begin curing my skin.  He made me realize that the reason I was breaking out was because my body was reacting to something more complex.  It was toxic and I needed to do something about it.  The first step I decided to take was to call my dermatologist and cancel my upcoming appointment.  I reached a point of illumination in my life.  I discovered that the medications I was taking were being prescribed to EVERYONE that had acne.  However, I was not the same as everybody!  Everyone is different.  I want to stress that fact right now.  What I post on my blog are things that have worked for ME.  In no way am I going to tell everyone that is reading this that what I am posting will also work for them, because it may not.  What is so frustrating to me is the fact that every doctor prescribes the same medications to every single person with the same problem.  However, each person’s issues may be more or less extreme than the rest.  The root of the problem may be different too.  What people need to realize is that their issues may run deeper than they think and need to be treated as such.  Furthermore, how well can your prescription be “treating” your problem when it gives you numerous amounts of side effects?  This then leads to getting yet another medication prescribed by your doctor to relieve those symptoms.  It seems like a never ending cycle.  Why not completely CURE your body without any side effects?!  If you truly want to reach your greatest potential, you need to figure out what works for you and not fully rely on what doctors prescribe you or what advertisements tell you you need.  Does anyone have any input on this?  I really want to hear what you think!

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Let the Journey Begin

Hello!  My name is Jillian Walsh and I am 20 years old, in my third year in college.  I have fairly recently become so infatuated with the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health and their primary role in our lives.  I am incredibly excited to share my journey and other vital concepts that may help and aid others into optimal health and satisfaction.  I must apologize beforehand for the lengthy post.  I wanted to allow people to see who I am and where I have been.

I never would have thought that I would have the courage to talk about this topic before.  Years and years of my life have been spent trying to cover up the truth. I have had issues with my skin all my life.  I began breaking out with acne in the 6th grade, just like everyone else at that age, yet my skin continued to break out as the years went on. I have lived so much of my pre-teen, teenage, and young adult years of my life unhappy and self-conscious.  Skin subconsciously factored into first impressions.  Whether it be meeting a new person, or conversing with someone I had known for years, I would constantly be thinking about the condition of my skin.

I would like to give a sincere thank you to the individual that created makeup.  Makeup allows for the ability to cover up any imperfections a person may have.  However, it was a temporary answer to my problem, and it was probably making it even worse.  Taking this into consideration, I did not have the courage or confidence to ever go into public without wearing makeup.  I think being a female makes it even more difficult being that the media constantly displays beautiful women who have smooth, glowing, blemish free skin on a daily basis.  In our society, women are expected to be beautiful, flawless creatures.  I felt I was lacking in that area, solely because of my skin.

When I say I have tried everything in the book, I mean it.  I have been to many different dermatologists who have prescribed me all different types of topical medications and dozens of different pills to ingest.  I have had needles pushed into the pimples on my face, chemical peels, laser treatments, and even went on Accutane (the most extreme method taken for acne prevention).   Accutane can be extremely dangerous and women are ordered to get blood drawn every month to assure that they are not pregnant, as the medication would negatively affect the fetus.  Reflecting on the fact that I put this into my body makes my stomach churn, but I was desperate.  I was willing to do anything and when my doctor proposed this solution, I jumped right on the train.  Accutane was able to clear my skin for two years.  My skin was clear and I was the happiest girl in the world.

You know the saying, “Nothing lasts forever”? Well this applied to my skin.  About a year ago, I started to break out again, more than the average-once a month-hormonal pimple.  I was truly shocked and I felt defeated.  The strongest medication on the market couldn’t even conquer my problem.  I began to become completely fed up with the dermatologists, the medicine, topical creams, and agonizing laser treatments that refused to work. I started to realize that no matter what kind of medicine I put into my body, or how much money I would spend on promising treatments, it wasn’t working.  That day was when I began to wonder if maybe the things I was putting into my body were actually harming it and not at all helping in treating my acne or my health.  I immediately began to do research.  The first few pages on my internet search were all about medications and topical creams, everything I had already tried.  I was determined to continue my search.  I began to find new answers, something I had never even heard of before.  NATURAL remedies…. People actually did that?!  My mind was blown.

photo 1I did more and more research and decided to go to my local health food store, something I had never done before.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I spoke to a man that worked there for about 45 minutes.  He told me that he suffered with cystic acne all his life until he decided to try the natural route to healing his acne.  He told me that the reason why I was breaking out on my face was because there was something wrong internally.  My body was toxic and I needed to detoxify it.  I truly took in all the information he was giving me and I knew then and there it was time to change my lifestyle.  I wouldn’t have considered myself to be an unhealthy eater and I was always conscious of the things I was eating.  I never eat fast food, I try not to eat too many sweets, and I stay away from dairy as much as possible, although I am a die-hard a cheese lover.  However, after much research, I began to see that most of the food that society eats is unhealthy.  What we have learned in the past about the nutrition in our food no longer applies to today.  The food we eat contains harsh chemicals, hormones, genetically modified organisms and preservatives that our bodies should not be exposed to, nonetheless ingested.  I always knew I had sensitive skin, but I came to realize my body was sensitive to the things I had been eating.  I began loading up on fruits, vegetables, super foods (such as spirolina and chia seeds), and started cleansing my skin with natural ingredients.  I began to use a juicer and drank juices made of these fruits and vegetables that immediately rejuvenated my bloodstream with the nutrients it lacked my entire life.  I applied masks on my face made out of non fat Greek yogurt, honey, lemon, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil.  I also found out that apple cider vinegar is an outstanding facial toner to control the acidity and PH level in your skin which ends up controlling breakouts.  I have some natural remedies that I will share with you in my next post 🙂

All this time, I had been fed the knowledge that medicine cures everything. We have all heard the term “You are what you eat”, but I had never taken it so literally.  I had not once been told that in order to cure my acne that it involved cleansing myself from within.  I’ve come to know that most medicine that is prescribed only treats symptoms and does not accurately completely cure ailments or issues.  Eating food to optimize your health will do great things for you. My skin is currently still a work in progress, but I have noticed amazing results.  My skin has a glow that it never has before.  The acne scars and marks on my face have dramatically lessened and continue to every time I look in the mirror.  Not only has my skin improved, but with eating healthy, daily exercise and juicing, I have had an enormous amount of energy that I have never had before. I previously always found myself absolutely exhausted during the middle of the day.  I am only 20 years old!  I should not have to take a nap for an hour in order to function for the rest of the day.  I notice positive things about my new lifestyle every day and I encourage you to do the same!  What is put in your body directly affects the way you look, feel, act, and think.  My goal is to share this vital information with as many people as possible.  The food, nutrients, and vitamins you take in will heal and nourish your body unlike anything else you will ever be told.

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