A Little Snow Won’t Stop Me!

A Little Snow Won't Stop MePost Workout!  Although the arctic tundra is outside right now, I still made an effort to get to the gym and kick ass while I was there!  It was totally worth it because it was pretty much empty because of the snow.  I had a nice, long workout session and I felt great!  I was proud of myself for taking on the storm to get to the gym.  No excuses here!

I even hopped in the sauna after to sweat out some extra toxins!  It was so relaxing and it prepared me for the cold!


Apple Cider Vinegar Shots. Yum!

For the past two days I have been taking shots of apple cider vinegar.  I have used apple cider vinegar as a facial toner for a couple of months now and I’ve noticed nothing but improvement.  My acne scars and discoloration have been lessening and it makes my face super smooth.  I also love using it because I know how beneficial it is.  I can almost feel it working instantly!

Why did I start taking shots of it?  It is so healthy for you!  I have read so many amazing reasons to start ingesting it.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty strong and will take some getting used to.  But, it is so worth it!  ACV works as a liver detox and promotes circulation.  The high acidity of ACV binds to toxins in your body, which can assist in removing them.  The potassium also breaks up the mucus in your body, which clears the lymph nodes, aiding in more removal of toxins.

Apple cider vinegar can also help with a sore throat!  If you feel one coming on, simply gargle equal parts water and ACV.  It also works as a digestive aid and an energy booster.

Take the plunge with me and start taking shots of ACV!  Let me know how it makes you feel!

For more reasons to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your day, check out this article.


Focus on Your Food

In our society, we constantly seem to be running out of time. We all catch ourselves wishing for more hours in the day to do the things we actually WANT to do. That being said, we tend to miss out on key aspects of life. These may be relationships, leisure time, and… spending quality time with our food!

For some cultures, eating meals is the most important and spiritual time of the day. Truth be told, food allows us to live our incredible lives. It can give us wonderful nutrients, vitamins, flavor and health (if we’re eating it the right way). Our culture takes the food we put on our plate for granted. Next time you’re eating a meal, try and visualize where your food came from.. Maybe it’s from a farmer who works all day long to supply food for thousands of people and doesn’t get to spend much time with his own family. Maybe your chicken had a wonderful life running around on the free range. It’s a deep thought that may have never crossed your mind before. Then take time to ease your thoughts and just breathe!  Not many times in the day where we get to enjoy little moments like these ones, so why not take advantage of them?!   Try and solely focus on your food. I bet you’ll appreciate eating more than ever before!  I know this may sound crazy to some, but I have done it before and it’s definitely worth the experience.

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