Medicine or Menace?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have tried everything in the book to cure my acne.  From birth control pills, other prescription pills, topical creams, to more extreme measures like chemical peels and (painful) laser treatments.  Visiting the health food store and conversing with a man who worked there made me realize I was missing the big picture.  I was temporarily and unsuccessfully treating the symptoms of my acne.  What I needed to do was begin curing my skin.  He made me realize that the reason I was breaking out was because my body was reacting to something more complex.  It was toxic and I needed to do something about it.  The first step I decided to take was to call my dermatologist and cancel my upcoming appointment.  I reached a point of illumination in my life.  I discovered that the medications I was taking were being prescribed to EVERYONE that had acne.  However, I was not the same as everybody!  Everyone is different.  I want to stress that fact right now.  What I post on my blog are things that have worked for ME.  In no way am I going to tell everyone that is reading this that what I am posting will also work for them, because it may not.  What is so frustrating to me is the fact that every doctor prescribes the same medications to every single person with the same problem.  However, each person’s issues may be more or less extreme than the rest.  The root of the problem may be different too.  What people need to realize is that their issues may run deeper than they think and need to be treated as such.  Furthermore, how well can your prescription be “treating” your problem when it gives you numerous amounts of side effects?  This then leads to getting yet another medication prescribed by your doctor to relieve those symptoms.  It seems like a never ending cycle.  Why not completely CURE your body without any side effects?!  If you truly want to reach your greatest potential, you need to figure out what works for you and not fully rely on what doctors prescribe you or what advertisements tell you you need.  Does anyone have any input on this?  I really want to hear what you think!

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